Devices turned on after hub becomes active after being inactive

This morning during an 8-minute period my hub went from inactive to active twice. After the second ‘active’ 3 of my devices were turned on and I have no idea why. Because I’m new to this I have only 4 devices so far. The three that got turned on are the ones in the pool of the Vacation Director app. Notifications show that they were all turned off the night before as specified in the app. No other routine or app was active except for the Turn On Only If I Arrive After Sunset one that didn’t kick in because I didn’t arrive.

Any idea as to why this happened? Do I need to do something special to have the hub return devices to their state when it went active?


happens all the time on reboot. only a few lights for me… i just live with it.

Thanks for replying. Vacation Director is triggered by the Away mode. My Goodbye routine runs and sets mode to Away when both presence sensors (an iPhone and an android phone) leave.

I might just wait to see if it happens again or perhaps I’ll pull the Ethernet cord for a few minutes then re-attach it. :grinning:

It happened again this morning. I posted on the thread where I learned of the revised (working) Vacation Director and I may have to ask for support assistance if no one there has an idea.

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