Hub migration

A question to people who migrated to/from ST to another brand of hub… How easy is it? I’m happy with ST and I have no plan to migrate, but since I already have 80+ connected “things” in my house, I just want to know what I would be getting into if I ever migrate.

Do I have to unpair everything first? What if the old hub is dead? Can I use two or more hubs at the same time? I can see the complications of having two “brains”, but still… is it even possible?

Maybe ST can answer that one: will the migration from the ST Hub Gen 1 to Gen 2 be seamless or will I have to reconfigure everything, “thing” by “thing”?

I assume you’re asking about Z-Wave migration. Most likely, you’ll need to rebuild your network from scratch. You may be able to run two Z-Wave controllers in parallel (by setting up the new controller as secondary) or perform “controller shift” to copy your network state to a new controller, but this is tricky, particularly with controllers from different vendors.

You don’t need the “old” hub to exclude (“unpair”) Z-Wave device. Any Z-Wave controller can perform exclusion even if the device has been previously included into another network.

ok, that doesn’t sounds too bad… Thanks!

As long as you know how to get your individual devices in include mode ypu should be fine. I am moving my devices from one ST hub to another (replacement Hub). ST has no way of migrating devices from one hub to another, even to have two hubs under same location tree is complicated.