How to replace the Hub?

My SmartThings Hub frequently encounters a Z-Wave module failure problem. Sometimes all the z-wave devices suddenly become non-responsive, and I can see the “Z-Wave Failure” event in the log. Power-cycle the hub multiple times sometimes solved this issue, but last time I had no useable system for more than a week, while waiting for support to tell me what to do.

Anyway, I received a new replacement hub from the tech support a few days. However I cannot find any instructions on how to replace the hub. I am sure I am not the only one who has to do this, so I could not believe that SmartThings does not have a written instruction for this. I’ve sent a email to support more than 40 hours ago but I am still waiting — it is weekend now so I probably will not hear from them until next week. Frankly, while the support team is nice, in the past few weeks the extremely slow response time (sometimes more than three days) has been a very frustrating experience.

Here are what I have done so far:

From my Android app, I went to each Z-Wave device and selected “remove” from the preferences option to excluded the Z-Wave device from the hub. I received success confirmation messages for each device, and these devices are not working anymore (so I am sure they are removed).

However, all of these the devices are still showing in the app. When I try to “Remove” them again the Z-Wave exclusion screen appears again, which is puzzling. The only exception is the Evolve Z-Wave LFM-20 hub, which was removed fro the app.

I know I could delete an excluded device using the web interface. However I guess that a normal user should be able to remove a device from the app, right?

What is the next step I should do? Delete all the zigbee devices? Then what? How do I add the new hub? I guess that I can deleted all the devices, smart apps, and the hub via the web interface, and the Andrid app will then ask me for the code of the new hub? Someone really should write down some instructions!

You help is highly appreciated.