HRV/ERV/ERV Plus integration to ST

I am hoping to try and integrate my current Venmar AVS Solo 2.0 HRV into smartthings. With the recent “Life” section, it’d be awesome to automate it using indoor air quality that is being read from an Awair IAQ Monitor. I have an Ecobee (Which is currently setup with a humidifier accessory) but I assume connecting the HRV to that won’t pass it thru to ST for direct control. Any thoughts?

Also, one option under the “air quality keeper” shows a ‘system air conditioner’ as a device to control, but again I assume the Ecobee doesn’t fall under that category and can’t be controlled.

Additionally, what products actually fit into the ERV/ERV Plus category? When I go to add a device, that isn’t an option to select.