Max eq-3 radiator TRVs

Anyone ever had success with these at all?

I have had them for 1.5 years but only just had them installed for a couple of rooms barely used. Would like to automate based on ST presence, to combine with Nest. There are unofficial APIs around as the Extra Vegetables guys have proved.

But my API skills are not so good
OpenHab has a “binding” too:

Any tips appreciated

I’ve got these MAX! eq3 radiator TRVs too, with the cube gateway and some wall stats.

A smartthings integration would be great. Honeywell evohome style system for a fraction of the cost; the MAX TRVs are currently £15 each:

Did you get anywhere with this one?
I know there is a bit of work going on on the Domoticz forum trying to integrate these.

I didn’t. I need to convince a friend who doesn’t use ST to help! (Instead he wrote an application for his server to work with the units)

There is a max EQ3 integration for Domoticz of believe. So I wonder if there is a Domoticz to Smartthings bridge that can be used?

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Anyone else had any luck with these EQ3 rad TRVs in SmartThings?

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Did anyone ever get any joy in linking up their EQ3 TRVs and or hub to their ST?

No, but there is an integration for HomeAssistant.
Dmitri’s ’ MAX! HOME AUTOMATION’ might be useful as a gateway to the Cube