Aprilaire WiFi Thermostats

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is any way to control / integrate an Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat with ST?

I did a search and found nothing about them. I currently have an Ecobee 3 and really like it but the problem with this one (and most mainstream WiFi thermostats including the Nest) is that it only supports controlling one external accessory like a humidifier. I just moved to a new house that has both a humidifier and an ERV and I’m also planning on installing an air purifier so I would need a more complete thermostat. From all the options the Aprilaire 9820W looks quite good and one of the best options, I also found this article when they mention there are integrations with most popular home automation controllers but there is no mention of ST. It also says the integration communicates locally and not through the cloud which in my opinion is a big plus.

That said, I could not find any developer reference, API, or anything, they seem to be quite closed.

Anyone here using one of these thermostats?

Were you able to get more information on that?
I’m moving into my new house soon and it has Aprilaire thermostats…

Nope, at the end decided to keep the Ecobee 3 and manage the ERV manually until I could find a better option, which has not happened…