Can I Integrate Samsung VRV with ST?

Dear Friends,

So I am now at the point where I need to choose my Climate control system for my new house. I contacted Samsung in Greece and asked them the simple question if I can integrate their VRV system with ST directly, or if not directly if I can use a Nest or an Ecobee as an intermediary for communication, but unfortunately Samsung Greece could not answer my questions as they do not have any prior experience with ST or any smart thermostats :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I guess I can only depend on this lovely community we have going on here :slight_smile:

So I plan on buying the below units:
3 x SAMSUNG Indoor roof unit AM028FNMDEH/EU 3
SAMSUNG Indoor floor unit AM071FNFDEH 1
SAMSUNG Wired Control/Remote Unit MWR-SHOON

Does anybody have any experience with these systems?

Can Anybody help?