[RELEASE] Hozelock Cloud Controller Device Handler

Hi all, I have developed the following for the ST community:

A Samsung SmartThings device handler for the “Hozelock Cloud Controller” watering system.

It’s early days so it is not perfect, but it’s a fair start being that I am not aware of such a device handler or SmartApp currently existing for the “Hozelock Cloud Controller” System.


Please be aware the outside controller normally only talks to the indoor hub every 20 minutes to save the controllers battery life, so some of the live status tiles may be delayed on updating.

Also a quirk of the Hozelock system is that you can’t adjust certain settings if another setting is already set, such as you can’t adjust the watering schedule if the schedule is currently paused. In a similar fashion I found the battery status wont update if the panel is currently removed.

Lastly for the negatives; I am not sure why, but my DH seems to generate the following error under Live Logging in the Groovy IDE: “java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 342996742479563 @line -1 (doCall)

To install:

  1. Install the linked device handler that is at the bottom of this post via the SmartThings Groovy IDE.

  2. Create a new device for your “Hozelock Cloud Controller” watering System using the “Hozelock Cloud Control v1.0” device handler in the SmartThings Groovy IDE.

  3. On the SmartThings app on your phone/tablet, open the device you have just created in step 2 and click the settings/gear icon on the top right. Enter your HUB ID and the Controller ID and then save.

    (The HUB ID can be found on the back of your Hozelock Ethernet Hub, The first controller has an ID of 0, the next controller has an ID of 1, and so on.)

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for any additional controllers (Controller = Outdoor Unit) you wish to set up.

Pictures Below:

(Version 1.0 - 28th April 2019)

Device Handler: Device Handler Github Link
Regards: Elliott Veares.


I have just become aware that you can not currently automate stuff from my DH or control it outside of my custom DH due to me not using standard SmartThings devices (like switches, momentary push buttons, etc…).

I will try and rectify this soon.

I tried to add ActionTiles support, and I get one switch and one push button. When setting the Hozelock in test mode, so it checks the status every minute. Have anyone tested it? Are you planning to develop the device handeler furher? Love to have it!

Sorry for the delay, I have and still am very busy with work. However until I get time to update the code, one is welcome to modify my code.

Due to the abysmally poor battery life of the Hozelock Cloud Watering System, that last about 2 weeks on average before the batteries in the outside unit need to be replaced, i have decided to stop developing this device handler for now.

Once of course is free to continue my development on what I have done so far.

Regards: Elliott.