Howto change z-wave options for NAS-WR02ZE?

Hi ! im new to smartthings so if this is a dumb question, forgive me :slight_smile:

How do you configure z-wave module option itself in smartthings, like NAS-WR02ZE ?

I would like it to report cumulative used kWh …

Thnx, Tomi

Hi and welcome, and all questions are good!

Once you join that device, if it didn’t pick up the right device handler, just go into the IDE and change the Type field to “Z-Wave Metering Switch”. That should work for you, otherwise you’ll have to write your own device handler.

Based on the description I’ve read for that device (Measuring voltage,current,instant power,accumulated power), that device handler won’t display voltage or current, but it will do the rest. You’ll have to write your own for those to show up, or find one that’s already been written by someone in the community.

Ty for your answer :slight_smile:

It allready had correct type, power is reported nicely, but energy is stalled … When ever i change type to somethign else and back, it reports energy once …

And ofcource i have no idea how to create device handler, or where to find one if exists. Ofcource i would like to use whole capability of the energy measurements of the device.

EDIT: Just found a device handler :slight_smile: Successfully added it in IDE, but do i need to remove old device or how to get handler for the device to work ?

EDIT2: Ah got it, just change the type :slight_smile:

Working nicely now !

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Good to hear! What device handler did you find and use? Just in case someone else comes across this topic.

Found it here :

This handler exposed devices configuration parameters, so i could turn metering on :slight_smile:

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Cool, I’m very familiar with his DTH’s. Good stuff!

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