Double channel Z-Wave device switch and meter for each channel

I’m creating an handler for a double channel Z-Wave device. The device has 1 switch and 1 meter for each channel. I used to the example “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” present in the IDE to start the project. Now the handler can controlls the switches but doesn’t show the meters value.

Can someone help me to add the meters in the handler?

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What device are you working on?

I’m working on “WiDom Smart Double switch” device (it is a Z-Wave certified device). SmatThings app detect it as single channel meter switch.
The handler example in the IDE for manage a “Z-Wave Multichannel device”, is useful, but the device is detected only as dual channel switch. I need to change the code of handler in order to add power meter and energy meter for each channel.

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