How's your Minimote battery life?

I’ve been using mine for about 6 weeks as a “fob” to simply arm and disarm SHM. Sits by the bed, button is pressed twice a day…once at night to arm, then disarm in the morning. So far the longest it has lasted on a single charge is 11 days. From reading online I was expecting at least a month or two…so how long are you getting on a charge?


I have one that gets used multiple times per day and it lasts 4-6 months on a single charge.


I guess maybe I have a bad battery, or something. I think this was a version 1, but I have updated the firmware to be current. I’m sure I’ll end up taking it apart but from what I’ve read the battery is not replaceable. Thanks for the reply.

I agree, Mine last about 4 months. Sits beside the bed and is used about twice a day.

Four to six months for all of mine as well.

Mine are hit or miss. My night stand minimote sucks, i charge that more then i use it. As for my minimote in the living room, it holds a decent charge for a few months. I’ve just got an amazon echo dot working with SmartThings and it rocks! forget remotes…just say what you want!

My wife has this nasty habit of falling asleep before me. I tried that advice, and it backfired. :slight_smile:

hahahahah never can account for the unpredictable part…without fail, one step forward and two steps back. I think it will always have a purpose because we work around its need, thats why i’ve been trying to hard to trigger events and get away from buttons/remotes. I’ve tried core to manage a trigger such as my wife going to bed earlier and having her bedside phone charger trigger a set of events if plugged in and the usage goes up during x to y hours. And another event if we both have our phones plugged into each of our chargers or if i have mine plugged in. Its tedious but if all in the universe aligns up and smartthings doesn’t fail/app fail, It a beautiful thing.

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That’s what I’ve been doing, almost never need the physical devices anywhere in the house, except the bedroom. I have yet to master that. Hehehe, that sounds funny.

Right after I charge mine they usually last about 5-6 months… if it’s been 5 or 6 months since I charged them… they don’t last long at all…

5-6 months isn’t long? Wow lol. They don’t take very long to recharge and last half a year…that’s pretty good in my book!

They last even longer when you lose them!!!


Dumb question, I’m too lazy to look for the answer myself. How do you know the battery status of the minimote? I’d look in the smartthings app but it’s being finicky this morning. I can’t find it under battery in simple Device Viewer to monitor it there.

I know my battery is charged when it works… when it stops working… battery is dead.
other than that… no way to know that I know of.


Are there any settings that would affect battery life…like how often it checks in, etc?

@TGreenway - I am not aware of the minimote “checking in” with the hub at all and I believe it only communicates with the hub when you press a button. I have not seen any settings in a few DTH I tried that would reduce power consumption so my guess is that your remote, like one of mine, has a bad battery that cannot hold a charge. I am likely going to open mine up to see if I can find a similar battery… My web searches on a tear-down produced no results.

The first V1 minimote I bought a few months ago came from Amazon with a bad battery out of the box. The replacement has a good battery and required charging after about 2 months of use.

Thanks…I too plan to take a peek inside and see what I can do.

Thanks all for the responses, and if someone successfully replaces a battery please report it here.

Apparently I need to worry about mine a lot less. I plug them in about every 2 weeks just to make sure the wife doesn’t pick one up and it doesn’t work. She is already irked that she has to use a remote to toggle certain lights. :slight_smile:

I think the longest I have attempted so far is about a month. The biggest challenge is finding a mini-USB cable these days. We just don’t keep those handy anymore since everything else in the house is micro-USB or Lightning.

Old thread but figured I’d ask here rather than starting another one. I just bought four of these remotes. Received and charged them all yesterday (hers was on a charger for a couple hours but the light never turned blue), gave one to my wife to tell ST when she goes to sleep or wakes up. This morning hers is dead, completely unresponsive until I plugged in again. Great start, I’m using a these to replace my sometimes-unresponsive Iris buttons. Mine is ok. I haven’t checked the other two. Is there any valid reason why this may have happened (OTA updates? Anything else?) or did I get a bad one?