Wallmote Quad battery life?

Anyone use a Wallmote Quad? How is the battery life? And would it be possible to run power from the mains to keep it always powered via usb?

The first one I bought had a bug and needed a firmware update. The battery was only lasting about two days. Not sure about connecting to mains.

I think there’s been a firmware update to improve the earlier battery issues - question is how much better is it.

Manufacturer specs:


Battery Life: 3 months from full charge.
150 times of presses per day
20 times of sliding each day
60 times of wake up reports per day
Does not include Wakeup Reports, disable Wakeup Reports to maximize battery use.

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Awesome, thanks!

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I have the latest model with latest firmware. battery seems to hold well. I think when I first got it and a month or so later dropped to like 75% or something…so just removed from wall and plugged usb cable in to charge for a day or so. seems fine… I don’t really worry about it.

As far as hard wiring it… hmm… unit has a magnetic base plate which sticks to the wall (via adhesive tape)(magnets on BOTH base plate and unit)… the pad itself comes off of this plate to charge or use as a remote and to see the info on the labels behind it and button.

Haven’t tried and no reason to, but using it while plugged in usb cable/charger not sure it will function or not, assume it would. The problem would be running a power cable from the back of it, cutting through the plastic base plate (no magnet in that area where usb socket is), then the wall to wherever. I’d just use the battery and charge every couple months or so for a few hours.

I’ll have to label the 4 buttons juts to make it easy for the others to use to control the security system with it.

Thanks for this. Yeah, I strongly dislike having to recharge things. However, the spot I’m considering mounting it is located about 2 feet directly above an outlet. I could change the outlet to one that has usb plugs and abracadabra.

Yeah, I wouldn’t waste my money on a Tesla either! Ha! ; )

I’ve been using wallmote quad in the last two days. I’m enjoying it, the battery seems good and it’s well finished. Except by the expected lag it presents sometimes, It works very well.

I just got the quad wallmote; I’ve got it working with SmartThings thanks to the ‘Worthington’ page, ( http://worthingtondistribution.com/kb/article.php?id=37 ) . But it’s telling me the battery is 1%. I’ve plugged it into a charger via the USB cable, but I am seeing no indication that it is charging; it’s still showing 1% after at least an hour. When I plug in the USB cable, the lights on the switch flash ‘light blue’ for a second or two, then solid ‘orange’ (pink/red?) to presumably tell me something, but I see no change in the charge level. Any thoughts?

Update - the light on the device went from ‘orange’ to green at some point, suggesting it charged fully. But I still only see ‘1%’ on my phone and in the smartthings api page . So it seems like the device itself may be charging but the ‘driver’ or ‘device handler’ is not correctly reading the info from the device? Is the driver found on the site above the best / only one? Thanks!

Update - I found a newer version of the device handler here - [RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button … copy/pasted the code, published, and … nothing changed. But then I slept on it, and now - battery shows 100%!!! So one clear moral is emerging from this past week’s effort to incorporate 4 multi-function devices, 8 bulbs, a wallmote, and various other bits … WAIT! Many things seem to start working better after a few days!