4 button IKEA button - offline status

I use these quite alot ( the ones that use 2x AAA batteries) however, it looks to me that the battery reading doesn’t work as expected. Im ok with that, though I would like to know when it goes offline but it doesn’t. I removed batteries from one last night to test and it’s still not saying offline.
Any clues as to why this would happen?


If I understand the technology correctly, a button is not a typical “sleepy” device–like a door/window sensor–that will wake up periodically and call home to the mother ship to report status that includes battery level. Button devices I own, such as the Aeotec Minimote, can sit for months without being powered and the hub doesn’t know the difference–until I punch a button and realize the battery has died! :yum:

Yeah i suspected that might be the case.
Shame because the whole point to some of the uses I have for one in particular is to run some routines that are local so doesn’t rely on the internet. So If that one ran out of battery whilst the internet was down, I reckon changing the batteries wouldn’t work and go back online, or would it? :thinking:

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I think it might: I have two of the Minimotes in different locations and they always come back to life when I charge 'em!

When your internet was down?

Until recently, no. But now the buttons on the Minimotes trigger routines that are completely local, so (I assume), yes it would work.

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