On average how long for ST motion battery last?

My batteries in a few of my ST motion sensors require battery change again.

I’ve checked and they were last changed in Jan this year so is 8 months ok?

I know it depends how often triggered etc, mine are in high footfall places (in kitchen and landing), so they will go faster than say one in a shed or something.


I’ve got one above the door from the house to the garage. I just peeked at History and it’s been trigger 31 times today, probably about average.

I think I got about 16 to 18 months out of the first battery.

Just counted, approx 175 in a day cycle. Is there a way to get it to ignore during certain times as I only use some for specific things, eg during night for security and lights. Would save battery then?


The only way to get it not to trigger is to put a box over it. Seriously. (Or put it inside a cabinet and open and close the cabinet door.) The cost savings probably wouldn’t be worth the price of the box mechanism.

If it’s triggering between 150 and 200 times a day, the battery will probably last 6 to 8 months, so it sounds like you’re about right.

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I have the second gen (square with the sensor ini the top corner).
I replaced the batteries a couple of months ago and they all went from 100% to 33% in a week; I had Sony cells. FIgured I might have a bad batch so I got some Panasonic and replaced them again. WIthin weeks I was being warned of low batteries again.
I’m at 33% On all my motions, not just one. I posted a query on whether anyone thought that the ST DTH had been modifed to calculate the % differently but crickets.
Still in the dark about why I went from almost a year to months.

motion sensors in a traffic area are naturally going to eat batteries much faster then say a motion sensor in a slow traffic room.

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