Help with 3-way switch

Looking for some guidance on a 3-way switch. I bought the GE z-wave toggle switch and the addon switch. The way my 3-way switch is wired is confusing me and i am not sure if it will be compatible with the GE switches. I already read the 3-way switch FAQ and am still confused. Switch A is a 14-3 + ground and neutral wires. Switch B is just 14-3 + ground. With both switches turned off i am getting 120v on both switches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

This should help you out.

EDIT: Missed you said you already took a look at the FAQ. Could you add some pictures?

I’m not sure what you mean by 14-3 + neutral wires.

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14 guage wire with 3 wires inside it. I will post pics as soon as i can. Thanks!

If both switches only have one 14-3 wire and nothing else in the box then your line (power from breaker) is in your light box. You can’t use standard GE switches in that scenario. There are other options available. Most choose to use micro switches. The FAQ has more - see the ‘Power Into Light’ diagrams.

Yeah that is what I am thinking. All the other switches i have done in the house were wired normal and GE switches worked. Here are the pics.

Pictures definitely helped. This appears to be a “normal” 3way switch. Based on your description I expected only a few wires in switch A, but it appears you have power from breaker coming into that box and also load in that box.

Here is the key with 3 way switches… on each switch you will find a different color screw, usually bronze or black. One of the switches will have the load and the other will have the line from breaker. I expect that to be one of the red wires in switch A and the black wire in switch B.

Location A will be your master and B will be the Aux. Mark/take a picture of your wires in both locations and then remove the existing switches. Again make sure you know which red is which in switch A.

In switch A:

  • look for the 14-3 Romex wire where the red and white are currently hooked up to that switch. I expect you will also find the black wire of that Romex in the back of the box with a wire nut on it hooked to 1 or more wires. That is your line and it’s currently being sent to switch B.
  • Disconnect that black wire from that bundle and and put a wire nut on it as you will no longer need it.
  • If there are other wires in that bundle then get a short pigtail wire and connect in that bundle so you can have power to your master switch in location A.
  • The red wire that I expect to see hooked up to the bronze/brown screw is your load, hook that up to the load terminal on your switch.
  • Find your white neutral bundle and add a short pigtail wire to it as that will be your neutral. Hookup this wire along with the existing white wire from your current switch into neutral. This will send neutral to switch B.
  • The red wire NOT on the brown/bronze screw will be your traveler, hook that up.

Turn your breaker on temporarily and make sure the light works. If it does, turn it back off and continue to switch B.

In switch B:

  • Put a wire nut on the black wire, it is no longer needed
  • hook up the white wire to the neutral on your Aux switch
  • hook up the red wire to traveler

Now go enjoy an adult beverage. :sunglasses:

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Your directions worked amazing! Thank you! I could not of done it without you!