3-way Z-wave switches not working

I have a 3 way switch. I installed the GE switch and the add in switch. But the switches don’t work. They do complete the circuit because when I flip the breaker the light turns on. But the main switch,the blue light at the bottom does not come on, the lights flicker, and the switch makes a clicking sound. I had a neutral line run to the add on switch because my place is old and was wired on the cheap. I don’t know if that would impact anything. But figured I’d add it. Any thoughts suggestions on how to make these switches work? Thanks.

It’s very hard to answer unless we can understand exactly how you have it wired.

You mentioned a neutral at the add-on. How about at the master? That neutral is needed for the Z-Wave radio (and blue LED).

The master had a neutral. Here are pictures of the original switches and how they are wired. I’m aware a neutral is needed. That’s why I had one run to the second switch box. IMG_20180401_101458

Main switch

Secondary switch (where add on is now)

Refer to this post for your wiring. I think you mistaken white as only neutral.

One suggestion is to also clean up your wiring a bit. There are way too much exposed bare wires and a high chance of shorting with bare ground wires.


Thanks. But with the old wiring, color didn’t seem to matter much. I took neutral from the neutral bundle. The white was definitely not neutral. Also, I’ll be happy to clean up the working once I know all the wires are in the right place. But thanks, I guess.

Also,if I hold the switch, the light flickers faster.

From what I can make out, you do not have a neutral in either switch box.

You have: white from light (constant power) connected to 3 wire black (between boxes), red and white are your travellers, black switched returns to the light.

You have to replace the white and black going to the light with a red, black and white.

Any white wire connected to a regular 2 way or 3 way switch is not a neutral. Any white wire connected to a colored wire is not a neutral.

This is how I suspect your writing is:

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I’ll call an electrician. The wires are not the color that they should be. The people who wired this place back in the 80s did a cheap shitty job. I installed a bunch of single switches and they’ve worked fine. Also, I definitely have a neutral because the electrician just installed it. So thanks.

I am an electrician. I don’t see a neutral added anywhere, other than the white wire added to what is probably the power coming from the light. Could you take pictures of or better describe what wires you have in each box?

I’m sorry. I did not mean to imply the problem was you. The problem is the combination of shitty wiring and my inability to adequately explain the problem. I feel liley grasp on the terminology is tentative at best. I really do want to thank you for trying to help. I’m frustrated at the situation and I’m sorry if that came off the wrong way.

:slight_smile: I wasn’t offended. Electrical wiring can be difficult to diagnose. It helps that you have pictures from before. Many people just pull everything apart first then ask for help.

This advice may not be relevant to this case, but for anybody else … don’t add add-on switches to smart switches until the master works correctly by itself.