How to wire GE Z-wave dimmer used as a three way

Just want to switch the traditional dimmer in the hall way area. Really confusing about the wire.
In the past, the ex-owner put two dimmer Lutron SKYLARK S-603P there, and we have already changed to one dimmer and a 3-way switch.
Leviton DSL06 and Leviton 05603
Looks like they both have 1 black means a hotline or a load, then two RD means 1st traveler and 2nd traveler.
And if I want to switch to the GE z-wave dimmer and GE add-on switch, how to wire it?
I have already checked some youtube videos but looks like they are all carry the natural line, what should I do if I dont have a natural?

If you don’t have a neutral you can’t use the GE switches. Need Lutron or some in wall relays don’t require neutral.

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Thanks. I found one box include a neutral, but the other box didn’t include one… really confusing. Do you know if there is any other brand could compatible with Levinton 3-way or dimmer?
If one box include a neutral, that means I could install the main control there, but I could not install the add-on since another didn’t include a neutral…

If its a 3-way you run neutral form one box to the other with existing wiring

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Then I have to open the wall…

doubt it. when was your house built? are you in the USA or UK?

USA, build around 1960. All the other two or three gang boxes contain neutral lines. But this one near the stair doesn’t.

hmm, then it may not have neutral. review the thread I linked and see if anything proposed there will work. Otherwise you may have to go with Lutron Caseta.

Thank you. If I really want to use it, then I have to turn the 3-way to a single pole install it with the neutral one.

if you have at least 2 wires running between the box with the line and neutral and the other box, then you don’t.