Question about installing GE smart switch

I posted this in the wiki forum but i am copying here hoping to get some assistance…hi guys. I am not handy and have never replaced a light fixture but i have been reading this wiki about ge smart dimmer and am thinking of trying it. I am looking to replace my dinning room switch which is a dimmer know &; the other switch is just an on/off. I have a ge zwave plus dimmer & add on switch. As I understand it, adding a smart switch is different then just replacing the 2 switches with new ones. What I would look to do is use the dimmer to replace the knob and the add on where the on/off switch is. If i am reading this correctly the add on is not to be powered & just hook up the other 3 wires. I am also going to stop at lowes & buy those caps for the wires in case i need them. What I will ask is when I get home tonight i was going to screw off the cover & take a picture & post it here just in case I have wiring that will not work. Any help all of you give me is appreciated.

I read it and posted my question there. One of the things that confuses me is it said you cant use a ge switch if the wiring is hooked directly to the light fixture.

If you are replacing an existing, functioning 3-Way circuit, it should work. I am by no means an electrician, but, I have replaced many of these in my home. The key to your success will be placing the Dimmer where the circuit is hot (has power coming in) and the Add-on will go in the other location. Note the Add-on switch only uses Neutral (White), Traveler (Red), and Ground (Copper). The Black wires will need to be tied together at that location. dont understand that. How I understand it is the power has ro.go to yhe master switch & not you the add on. I would cap the power wire in the add on switch.
I do have my brother in law stopping buy who knows all thos stuff so once he looks at it I should hopefully be in good shape.

Show him the schematic I provided. It does not wire like a conventional 3-way circuit. That’s why the switch has “NO 120V” tape across the contact.

I will. He knows this stuff very well but I want you learn so I can replace my other switches down the road. I need to understand what I am looking at. I hope this goes smooth.

That’s probably true, but there are 3-way wiring configurations where a 3 way GE switch won’t work. As @Wolfewl stated, you have to find the source of the power. If you want to post pictures of both boxes with the switches pulled out so the wiring is visible, there are a number of people here that can figure the power thing out.

Capped off at the remote’s location, not tied to any other black that might be in that box.

Well last night’s install was an experience. So where do I start…last night my brother in law came over and removed the switch & was telling me how to install it. The old switch is a knob dimmer. I saw a bunch of wires & only 2 I think were hooked up to the switch. He also said the power was coming into the box & not from the light. I was nervous so I said I’ll wait for him.til.yje weekend & he can take the time to teach me. All I did after he left was just push the knob back in & then it was lights out. Was a breaker switch but again I got nervous. I’ve owned my house for 4 1/2 yrs& it was a fixer upper but its the house that jack built with a million short cuts taken. As the wo3k gets done things get corrected but simply put . …$$$$ does not grow on trees. On a good note I can save my add on switch for downstairs because being g the 2 switches r really close hes gonna cap the one switch & hes gonna do the other switch to so everything looks nice.