4 way wiring

I have a four way switch and I am trying to install a GE Z way dimmer and two companion switches. The wiring on the switch right now is two red on one side and two white on the other. I do not see any black wires so just wondering if the whites are neutral and the red can be substituted for a black for the connection on the Z wave switch?

Wire color is not mandated by code in most parts of the US, and so people can and do use any color for anything. You can’t go by that. You will have to map the individual circuits using some tools to figure out what is what.

If there is a Home Depot near you, many have a free class on wiring a light switch which will Teach you the basics and how to use the tools. It won’t cover networked devices, but because many Home Depot’s do sell the networked GE devices, the instructor may be able to answer some questions on those as well. But the basic information will still be helpful.

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you may just want to bring in an electrician.

Meanwhile, Talk to the people in the following thread, they should be able to help you further (this is a clickable link)

I did this just yesterday and found this YouTube video very helpful: [https://youtu.be/0rRC_Mrlumc]. Good luck!

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