Alternate wiring diagram for GE z-wave dimmer

(Paul P) #1

Hey. So have read about the RIGHT way to wire a z-wave switch with a neutral many times. However, in my new GE z-wave dimmer (14294) manual has an alternate wiring diagram (second image) where the neutral from the panel is capped directly to the neutral going to the fixture. Why? Also, it is a larger and more prominent wiring diagram than what I understand to be accurate (first image).


Yeah, That’s a horrible user guide design. Those aren’t alternate wirings. It’s a before and after picture, showing you what the existing switch wiring should look like for the non-network switch that you are replacing, and then what the new wiring should look like for the new Z wave switch. But as you mentioned, they made the new wiring image smaller than the old wiring image and it’s really confusing. Just bad bad layout design. :rage:

You can tell it’s an old switch because it doesn’t have the same number of screws. But again, just a bad documentation design.

The following FAQ might also be of help:

(Paul P) #3

You’ve got to be kidding me? Those are before and after pictures? That’s absurd. Ok, thanks for posting. Glad I’m not losing my mind or that my hours of reading this forum to play electrician were in vain.