Motion Mode Change mod needed


I am looking for a Smart App that will change my mode from night to home (good morning) when motion is detected. But I want it to only happen when the current mode is night.
I have Smart Alarm with only the window/door sensors armed during the home-stay mode. Since my bedrooms are all upstairs, I would like the downstairs motions sensors to also be active when I am upstairs in bed.
In case I am thirsty while half-asleep, I want my upstairs motion sensor to wake my house up (which would disable the alarm) when I start walking in the hallway (and forget to disarm Smart Alarm manually).
The Motion Mode app is close because it will change the mode when motion is detected. Motion Mode allows it to work at different set times; however, I want it to work while in different modes as I go to bed at different times on the weekends.

Does that make sense??? :confused:


(Eric R) #3

You can specify which mode a hello, home phrase should not automatically run. In the preferences for the phrase - go to the automatically perform link. At the bottom click on additional settings and select modes for Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of those modes

(Ron S) #4

I use the hello home good morning (turns on a few hues and switches off some night lights plugged in to Zwave outlets) based on “things start happening” aka motion sensors only during a specific period "4:30 AM thru 6:00 AM) on weekdays. For weekends I have a good morning weekend which does the same but with a different schedule…