How to use my honeywell thermostat with smarthings

How do I connect Honeywell total comfort thermostat to smarthings. I linked through smarthings but when I add a device I have no option to use it. What am I missing?

Thanks, I am a novice

Hi and welcome.

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostats connecte via a cloud-to-cloud connection between the SmartThings cloud and the TCC cloud.

Tap the plus, then choose Partner Devices. Scroll down until you find Honeywell Total Connect Comfort.

Having said that, the integration is … somewhat limited. Try it out, though. Depending on what you want, it may be sufficient.

@HalD ,

Quick question? What if you have more than one location in Honeywell’s app, can you select which location when setting up the CtoC integration?


Sorry, no clue. I’ve got three thermostats but in one location/home.

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I have two locations in the TCC Total Connect app, and two locations in one account in ST. Both of my thermostats are in ST, and they are both in the proper ST location. I don’t recall exactly what happened when I linked them, but both wound up proper location. So I’m going to say yes.


Cool, thanks. Ive got another location we’re setting up and the thermostats are all Honeywell and i dont want to change them out quite yet.

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In the migration to post-groovy world the link I had setup between my Honeywell system and Smartthings has been lost. I’m trying to reconnect it but in the partner services list, I only see “Honeywell Home” and that takes me to a Resideo page to sign-in but the credentials which work on my Honeywell app don’t work on that Resideo page - they don’t even seem to have my email address registered. Am I missing something here? I’m in the UK in case that matters.

Unfortunately, I think that matters.

Honeywell Home and Total Connect Comfort are separate services. And I believe TCC has a separate cloud service for non-North American users.

I don’t know if this will work for you but you can import your TCC thermostats into the Honeywell Home service using their website. At least I was able to do that here in the US. For me, that allowed the use of my TCC thermostats in the Resideo app.

There’s a small chance it will then let you access those thermostats via the Honeywell Home cloud integration to SmartThings.

There’s a thread about Honeywell thermostats in the UK here

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any success.

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I have been blaming Honeywell for the limited capabilities I’m seeing for my VisionPro WiFi thermostats. But the problem seems to be the weak SmartThings app.

For some time now I’ve only seen the temperature update in SmartThings once per day. I used to be able to send a Refresh command but that has disappeared from the app. Looking in the Advanced Web UI, the command still exists.

I also used to be able to set the fan to “follow Schedule”. That, too, has disappeared from the app. It still appears as a choice for the setThermostatFanMode command.

I’ve been avoiding it but it looks like I’m going to have to dig in to the Rules API.

I use the free tier of SharpTools to refresh my Honeywell thermostat.