How to Use Edge Momentary Device?

Are you kind to explain entire “procedure”? How to do it and how it works.
I have tryed something, i don’t even know what i did, but i failed every time.
I have added my tuya 1 button, i can see the zigbee multi switch device, but i don’t know how to use virtual momentary or vEdge switch.

I am using vSwitch and vMomentary to keep track of the status of Smart Home Monitor, I don’t have any linked to actual button devices that are missing edge drivers and I am not sure how to guide you. Perhaps @TAustin or others can chime in here with some pointers.

Hi - I can try to help, but you’ll have to give me some more details about what you are trying to do.


hi @TAustin,
I have this zigbee Tuya 1 click button:

I want to make him to turn on my bulb lights when i press the button, turn off light when i press again the button and (if are any chances for double tap or more to activate different scenes).

What i did:

  • i did scan nearby devices and after that, my Tuya 1 click button (zigbee multi switch) was added (as you can see in the picture i have uploaded);
  • with vEdge creator 2.8 i created an virtual device such as vEdge switch and also vEdge Momentary (i don’t know what are the differences between them);
  • i did set Routines on vEdge switch (IF vEdge is ON/OFF - THEN lights turn ON/OFF)
  • after, i did set Routines on zigbee multi switch (IF i press Tuya 1 click button (zigbee multi switch) to ON - THEN vEdge switch ON;
  • i really don’t know if i did it right or not, those scenarios works BUT ONLY AFTER I TOUCH zigbee multi switch ON/OFF logo icon, and after that need to press Tuya 1 click button for ON/OFF.

With that method, lights are doing ON and OFF but never as standalone Tuya 1 click button press (always need to press zigbee multi switch ON/OFF logo icon).

I don’t know how to explaining better.

PS: Tuya 1 click button (zigbee multi switch) edge driver i use is SmartThings Drivers (Beta)

@vasilievflorin can you post screenshots of your routines?


Sure, ty.