Edge drivers: how to use momentary virtual switch on relay?

On GitHub I can see that there is an edge momentary virtual switch.

I have installed other edge drivers and they just work.

So if I have a qubino relay, which is currently set to the built-in groovy momentary contact switch, which runs in the cloud, how do I assign it to this edge driver so that it can run local?

Since what you found was a “Virtual Switch” driver, it cannot be used to control a real, physical Zigbee or Z-Wave device. It simply is a driver to create a Virtual device, that can be used like any other device, but is not actually a physical device. Some people use them to allow Alexa or Google to trigger a routine in ST, for example. Others use them to keep track of the state of something they are interested in (e.g. have they fed the dog already today.)

So how does one create an instance of an edge virtual switch?


Sorry, I wish I could help further. I have not used any custom Edge drivers, yet.

Assuming you have an ST v2, v3 or Aeotec hub the are at least 3 community members who have developed virtual Edge devices. See the link below for details on how to do it.

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