How to update / sync parent and child app versions?


(Hagen Finley) #1

The logs on a couple of my pistons shows repeating errors such as the following:

║WARNING: Results may be unreliable because the child app's version (v0.2.0e1.20170728) is newer than the parent app's version (v0.2.0cd.20170629). Please consider updating both apps to the same version.

The WebCoRE apps in SmartApps ( I take to be the parents) are all running the latest code (v0.2.0e1.20170728) so it’s not clear to me where and or how I update the child applications. Any suggestions?



(Dustin Clark) #2

The child apps are piston, storage and dashboard.

For reference

(Hagen Finley) #3

OK that is helpful - thank you.