Updating SmartApps

If I make changes to a SmartApp, will that automatically update all running instances of the SmartApp on my devices, or will I have to do something in the mobile app to instantiate the update?

If I understand your question… the answer is yes. If you update code and publish “for me” the app should update all.

What if the app is a child app and I only publish “for me” its parent app, would re-publishing the parent app update all instances of the child app?

I am going to have to let one of the much more savvy people on the community tackle that one. I do know I have had made minor code changes and not had to uninstall and reinstall and the child apps updated. For the more complex apps I believe it depends on what parts of the code was changed. I think the most involved one I use is @tonesto7’s Nest Manager and when he runs updates some of them require deleting automation from the app and sometime a complete overwrite to get it back in again. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will chime in.

The answer to the question is if you update the parent app it only updates the parent if you update the child app then all instances of the child are updated

Will the apps run the initialize method again?

It won’t on it’s own. You can update a lot of them quickly under the IDE clicking on My Locations > Installed SmartApps then click the update link next to each child app and it will execute the update method and accomplish what you are looking for


Thank you, this is a good enough fix for me