Upgrade to webcore3

I had lot of scripts last year which I made with v0.2.0c2… I upgraded the gitrepo to v0.3 now. But the version in smarthings classic app still shows as v0.20c2… . Do I have to uninstall and reinstall? I want to get upgraded to v3 and upgrade my pistons also than rewrting and then add more pistons.

Do not uninstall or you will lose your pistons? When you login to IDE, do you see 4 apps listed for webcore? If you click on the name of the apps, does it show 3.08 as the latest version in them?

I don’t know what went wrong. I upgraded again. It now shows v0.3 in both phone and the webcore dashboard in browser. Now I am not able to add new device. I tried few times adding new devices but it did not take into account in the web. Then I did clear the cache and rebuild. Then also nothing worked. so I logged off from smarthings app and logged in again. Now when I try to enter “Available devices” page, it shows “something’s wrong we can’t load your screen right now Retry”. So I am stuck. Please help

in IDE, how many smartapps do you see for webcore?

4 of them.

all 4 are published?

yes. all 4 published and webcore is enabled for OAUTH.

post over on https://community.webcore.co and tag @ipaterson . He can help you resolve the issue. He has a debug version that can help find where the problem is. :slight_smile: