New UI in webCoRE

I loaded the recently released new UI for webCoRE in the IDE. But the webCoRE smartapp that is loaded in the SmartThings app keeps giving me a message “A newer UI version is available, please hard reload this web page”. How do I reload this inside the app? If I go to my pistons, they show the older UI version #, and the logs are empty when the piston runs. Loading webCoRE in my mobile browser shows the correct UI, as does the the UI that is in the separate webCoRE app I have on my phone. How do I do a hard reload?


if android…

force quit the ST app and open it up again
or clear data cache

or clear your default browser.

@rontalley, you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…you are NOT interested in the “New UI”…

Stop thinking about it! Dammit everything works now!

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same ole UI. just an update

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@jkp, thanks for talking me off the ledge!

there is a fix if switching between dashboard for ST and dashboard for hubitat. and the hubitat dashboard got dark mode

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Thanks! The Force stop fixed it for me.


  1. Too late, I already updated.
  2. I realize you are kidding around, however making me feel like a moron doesn’t help me solve my problem.
  3. No, damn it, everything doesn’t work now. I could go on and on about issues I have with things working fine, then randomly not working or go offline. An app that is sometimes slow to control a simple light switch. Having to use webCoRE just to work around the software that doesn’t do what it used to do in the original version (though I kind of like this because it is so much more powerful than Samsung’s own app).
  4. If things were working fine now, there wouldn’t be a need for community forums like this where people can go to seek assistance.
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Wasn’t trying to make “you” feel any type of way but trying to talk myself off the ledge from updating. I’ve learned that when things aren’t broke then I bet not try to fix them. Doing so typically leads down a rabbit trail!

Regarding webCoRE, I almost use it exclusively and can’t for the life of me, figure out how a 3rd party rule App is so much more powerful and stable than ST’s own “New App”! The original CoRE is still more powerful than the New App. It will be a shame if it goes away without a replacement.

I can say that most of my issues were resolved by not using ST Scenes and/or Rule Engine. Also, I try to use as many stock DTH as possible AND made sure my Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh was solid.

I was just venting some frustration. Because, as you correctly predicted, the update broke a couple of things in my pistons. And they are pretty simple ones. One was corrected by @ipaterson fixing something in webCoRE, the other I had to make a minor change to my variables.

can you give more details?

Sure. I originally had a variable set to String (text) with an initial value. The contents of the variable was to be used in the body of an email. During the execution of the piston the value of the variable might be changed. The email received the initial value of the variable, not the changed value because the email is being sent in a second pass through the piston code, so the variable is being re-initialized.

The solution seems to be to set the message variable to string(text) but set the initial value to “Nothing selected”. If you have to have an initial value for the variable but it could change to something else later, then you set the value of your variable at the very beginning of your code, and then change it again later on in the code. When the email is sent, the variable will contain whatever it was set to just before the email is sent.

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Ok, thank you …