How to update "Preference Map" data for edge driver?

Hello all,

I created an ZWave edge driver with preferencesmap (Settings page) and the Configuration SET and GET command works properly. However, the value is not updated after the REPORT data is received.

May I know how to update these 2 values?

And here is the function of the configuration report and I can get those 2 parameter value but don’t know how to update to Settings page.

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 08.17.31

Thank you

Do you mean you want to update the value of the preferences from the Driver?

That’s not currently possible, we can only change them through the app.

Hi @nayelyz ,

Thank you for your quick response,

So that means if I want to display “current” configuration parameter values I need to create a capability (e.g. * textField) on this page?

Thank you for your support.

Yes, if you change the parameters from another part of the driver, this means, not from the settings, you can do that as a workaround.
However, remember that custom capabilities are not currently accepted for certification.