Updating zwave parameter current value for Settings dialog

I write drivers for thermostats and would like to update values in the settings dialog to
current values. For instance Sensor Selection (Air, Floor, External Air).
I ask for the configuration using
device:send(Configuration:Get({parameter_number = SENSOR_SETTING}))

I want to add the necessary code in the configuration_report_handler to show correct value
for the parameter next time the settings dialog is opened.
This is also important when changing from Device Handler to Edge Driver.

Anyone done something similar?

Hi! Currently, we cannot change the setting’s value from within the Edge driver. There’s already a request for that, especially because Z-Wave has a command to reset all configuration parameters.
So, if I understand your use case correctly, this is to avoid losing the current configuration during the migration from DTH to Edge, right?

Thanks for the answer.
Yes it is to avoid loosing settings and be able to check settings remotely.
I have a lot of those thermostats in remote locations. Some of them in places I will not access before some time in 2023. Any changes to some of the parameters could be critical.

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Ohh ok, got it. I already pinged the team again and shared your comment. Once I get an update, I’ll let you know :smiley: