How to update default device presentation?

I got the default device presentation using this command

./smartthings devices:presentation --yaml --output=presentation.out.yaml

I modified it manually just as I wanted and now I want to update it.

How can I update the device presentation ?
What is the line command ?

I think I got it. It seems I can’t update device presentation, but creating a new one.

Hi, @w35l3y!
By “default device presentation”, do you mean the one automatically generated in Edge drivers?

If so, first, you need to get the device-config used to generate that presentation which can be retrieved with this command:

smartthings presentation:device-config VID --yaml --output=devConfig.yaml

That output is the one you need to modify using the supported options as shown in the API reference.
The difference is that the device presentation is the result of the device config, this means the first gathers the presentation from each capability so, you cannot use it to create a new presentation.

After you modify the device config, you need to execute the create command:

smartthings presentation:device-config:create --yaml -i devConfig.yaml

Note: This won’t update the current device presentation, you would need to add the new VID and mnmn to the device profile’s metadata > package the driver again > and maybe, reinstall the device to force a refresh, but you can also check if it’s auto-updated after 12 hrs.

What kind of changes are you trying to make? There are certain options that can be applied directly in the device profile. Take a look at this thread: Smartthings Beta Edge drivers, Device profiles with value ranges defined. How to use this?

As a reference, here’s more info about device presentation vs device configuration:

I would like to group/composite many switches (child switches) in a single card.

Are those switches from different devices? If so, that is not supported.
If you’re referring to showing all the switch capabilities included in the components of the same device, you can show their status grouped in the dashboard view as shown in this section of the doc: Device Configurations and Presentations | SmartThings Developers

Those options are not supported to include directly in the device profile.

Same device. Thanks!