Edge driver device-config creation

Looking to change the color temperature slider in my driver to reflect correct values for a particular bulb. Hopefully I am going in the right direction, below are the steps I have taken so far.

smartthings devices:presentation ID

Using the Presentation ID from generated info above to get the device-config file.

smartthings presentation:device-config PresentationID -j -o=outputfilename.json

Noticed the mnmn, VID and version at the top and presentationID and manufacturerName at the bottom of the file. Do I use an exact duplicate of this file with required changes, or should those lines be left out?

Once the file is modified, will this be my next step?

smartthings presentation:device-config:create -i=inputfilename.json

From here I should get the VID for use in the profile.yaml file?

For consistency, I recommend you to remove these references and store the new configuration right away, i.e.:

> smartthings presentation:device-config:create --json \
--input inputfilename.json \
--output new_config_file.json

That’s right!, vid / presentationId and mnmn / manufacturerName

Thank you @erickv. Working well except for automation actions, this still shows 1-30k. Believe I read in another post this was a known issue.

That’s right, @roadDOG, so, to raise the priority of the current report a bit, I included this thread as a reference and hopefully, this issue will be addressed soon.


Hey, I just received the update that attribute ranges for automation.action can be redefined as follows:

"automation": {
        "actions": [
                "component": "main",
                "capability": "colorTemperature",
                "version": 1,
                "values": [
                        "key": "setColorTemperature",
                        "range": [5, 100]
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