ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when creating device presentation for 6 switches

Yesterday, I tried to create MANY device presentations for my 6-gang switch.
These were some of my failed attempts for 1 “switch all” + 6 switches…

  #vid: 34461f59-c775-3314-9597-86c1a7bed48f # composite=true + detailView
  #vid: 43b553bb-2d9a-3c5f-8dcf-e1c3be19bd3d # composite=false + detailView
  #vid: 3b2a0dc1-fb94-3502-bca8-eeb76ebfafdd # composite=true - detailView
  #vid: eb64d691-6c80-34e9-b18e-2ca533df81ca # composite=false - detailView

Every time I tried to use them, the app closed abruptly.
I thought it had something to do with caching device presentation. I unrolled hub from the channel, uninstalled driver, … and nothing changed.

Today, after more than 24 hours, I decided to check the log report.

There were something about ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, length=4 and

So I decided to create 401729f7-a367-389d-bf11-b5bfbf2c8d3d that is a replicate version of 34461f59-c775-3314-9597-86c1a7bed48f, but only with 4 components and it worked!

So the app seems not to accept more than 4 composite components.

Is it confirmed officially ?
Is there any plan to support more than 6 components ?

Hi, @w35l3y!

I’ll check more details about this with the engineering team.

As I understand, you’re using 5 groups in total: “main”, “switch1”, “switch2”, “switch3” and “switch4”, right?

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Yes! I wasn’t counting “main”.
main, main01, main02, main03, main04

My first attempts were expecting 7 components: “main” (switch all), “main01” (switch 1), “main02” (switch 2), “main03” (switch 3), “main04” (switch 4), “main05” (switch 5) and, “main06” (switch 6)

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