How to turn off SMS SmartThings status notifications?

Hi everyone,

When I first started SmartThings, I turned on a number of status notifications for TXT and email. In hindsight, I really only need the email notices… it all results in easily visible stuff on my phone, anyway, but having it twice is annoying.

I see the place to Subscribe to updates on the status page.

I can find the place to turn off email notifications (“Manage Your Subscriptions” at the bottom of status emails).

But I can’t find any place to manage SMS subscriptions. How can I do this, or just turn them all off?

Thanks if you can help!

The updates subscription on the status page are literally only the updates that appear on that status page. It’s for the entire system, not just your house.

Support should be able to help you with this, but I believe you will need to go into each of your SHM alerts and smartapps that do notifications and change the notifications there.

@aaron might know more.

Although the status page for Smarthings doesn’t use a standard short code to send messages from, it does respond to the standard sms commands.

To unsubscribe, reply back to one of the latest messages with the word:

You can also type “HELP” to get the options that the sms supports.


Just browsing discussions and didn’t know this! Should come in handy! Is there a “Resume”?

Hi everyone,

Thank you greatly for the tips…

I also called Samsung support (800-SAMSUNG). The intake rep couldn’t help (she kept confounding my issue with in-app notifications) but referred me to “Tier 2”, and the guy knew exactly what I was talking about.

He says that “Subscribe to Updates” in the upper right of the web status page ( is poorly labelled and instead should say something like “Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Manage Subscriptions”. To wit, if you enter the same SMS number you used to start subscribing, it takes you to a page for managing your SMS subscriptions, like you see if you follow the “Manage Subscriptions” at the bottom of a status email. Same thing for managing email, if you want.

Easy peasey! And he’s right: They really need to label that better. Look at this set of messages here… how are folks supposed to know what to do?

Here’s an odd thing. The Tier 2 rep told me I was subscribed for email, SMS, and push notifications. But I only see email and SMS in “Subscribe to Updates”. He said he would turn off both SMS and push.

I don’t know what push status subscriptions mean in this context, shrug. If he was talking about SmartThings status notifications from my app, we are back to square one (worse, actually): I neither know where those start from, or how to manage them. There is a place off the central (upper right) main menu for my android SmartThings app called “notifications”, but this is only a log to see previous sensor and app notifications, and not a place to control them, in any event.

Anyone know what “push status notifications” means (if it’s not SMS or email), and where to manage it? Push notifications for overall SmartThings status notifications (not your regular smart home / app notifications).

On another topic, apologies for my delay in responding. I was waiting for additional incidents so I could be sure everything worked as described. But wouldn’t you know it, after a bunch of problems prompted me to post, there are no problems for days. Of course, lol.

As long as we are on this topic: Thanks for the reminder, happywillow. I had forgotten about that that since it had been a long time since I started SMS. I briefly started it again; here’s what you get if you apply for SMS subcriptions:

Text YES to subscribe to SMS Alerts. 2 messages/incident; incidents are recurring. Msg&data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to unsubscribe. Hmm.

If you reply HELP, it only says:

Reply with STOP if you no longer wish to receive status update messages.

All right then. Thanks, everyone!