How to turn electric blanket off after preset interval of time?

Are there any load sensing smartplugs/switches which can sense when their load is turned on, then trigger a smartapp to turn off the switch/plug after a preset interval of time like an hour or two? I would like to turn off our electric blanket automatically.

The only method I’ve come up with so far is to plug the blanket into a smartplug, leave the electric blanket on, and use a minimote to turn the smartplug/blanket on and off.

Is there a smartapp the minimote can trigger to turn on the smartplug and then turn it off after a preset interval? I don’t see this option in the Button Controller smartapp.

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You should be able to do this with Rule Machine.


If I understand The question, you should be able to do this with the power allowance option in smart lighting. You just indicate which switch you want to turn off and after how many minutes.


Thanks JDRoberts, that should do the trick!

I don’t suppose you have experience with the GoControl WT00Z-1 aux switch?

I’m trying to figure out whether it will work with the GE 3way 12722. Whether the WT00Z-1 can be associated with GE 12722? Or if not, whether WT00Z-1 can be used like one button scene controller through ST to turn GE 12722 on and off?

If WT00Z-1 cannot be used as scene controller, can you recommend a one or two button in-wall scene controller?

Thank you! Just helped me!