Button with timer off?


I have the samsung smart things hub v 2.0. I have the Hive heating, Logitech Harmony, and Philips Hue all integrated into the one app which i am delighted with. Theres one function i cant figure out though.

I have a Hive smart plug controlling my electric blanket and in the hive app i have setup 2 buttons. 1st button is elec blanket 30mins and the second one is 1hr. Basically if i hit any one of these buttons it will turn on my electric blanket and turn off automatically after what ever time i choose.

I cant find a way to mimic this in the smart things app and its the only thing thats left. Would anyone know a solution?

Paul :slight_smile:

If you are using SmartLighting, then it’s in the Power Allowance Settings which is only visible if turning off something.

A lot of us use webCoRE which offers great flexibility.

This is assuming you are using the classic app.


To supplement what @rontalley said, here are 3 ways to achieve what you need with varying levels to customization and limitations

  1. Cloud based solution - CoRE/WebCoRE, very customizable and you can add additional conditions/actions. However it needs the hub and internet connected to the device at all times
  2. Hub based local processing - SmartLighting is a great way to handle it as it runs on the hub locally. This requires the hub to be connected to the device and within range at all times
  3. Independent switch processing - Try using the Dome On/Off Plugin Switch (DMOF1). It has a built in timer which can be configured just like your Hive switch. You can program the time and then whenever the switch is turned on (remotely or physically), it’ll turn off after X minutes/hours as configured. You’ll need a custom DTH to setup this switch in ST to program the timer. [RELEASE] Enhanced Dome On Off Plugin Switch(DMOF1)/ZooZ MiniPlug (ZEN07) Device Handler with Energy Monitoring and Timers
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All previous (good) solutions aside, be sure you consider the safety concerns of doing same. Can you be sure you are comfortable turning on an electric heating device that may not necessarily turn off, as expected? Say, you lost your internet connection or the hub went out to lunch or a hub firmware happened to be pushed when the blanket is heating???


Hi Barkis,

I would only be using this feature when im home. If the hub looses internet the program will still work. its all held in the hive hub it doesnt need internet to function. I’d normally press the 1 hour button that i have setup in the hive app (this is what i want to transfer to smart things) to turn on the blanket about 30 mins before i go to bed. normally i remember to turn it off manually but its really just as a precaution i want it so if i forget about it, I know it will turn off automatically.

The Dome Plugin switch is a great option for that since it turns off automatically after it’s switched on even if it loses connection with the hub.

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