Turn a GE Smart switch off after 10 minutes

I wanted to turn a light switch off 10 minutes after it is turned on. Cant seem to figure it out with olny the smartthings app.

Use the Smart Lighting smartapp from the Marketplace. I do that for tons of switches. Depending upon the complexity of your use case, the smartapp webcore will also work. Search the community for more assistance on that one.

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The smart lighting app has a trigger called power allowance that works great for this.

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Thanks for the clue, you definitely lead me in the right direction. Just for other people looking at the post who need more of an explanation.

  1. The Smart Lighting App is not on the android or Iphone marketplace for download it’s actually part of the SmartThings mobile app itself and on the SmartThings Marketplace. Click this LInk and it will help you find Smart Lights Section of SmartThings. When you go to the automation part of the SmartThings App there is a tab that says SmartApps.

How to Find Smart Lights on the SmartThings App (this will also help guide you to acomplish your light timer)

2.Once you install Smart Lights you will have more control of your switches. I am a newbie so if I can figure it out you can.

3.Click New Lighting Automation

  1. Check box the lights/switches/devices you want to control. Click Done.

5.Push the What do you want to do box. Input your choice, turn on turn off ect.

  1. Select Trigger. Once all the different choices come up for your trigger click power allowance (at the bottom).

  2. Then After this number of minutes comes up on the screen choose the number of minutes and your just about done.

  3. It will give your Smart Lights Routine an automatic name but if you want to edit the name hit the toggle switch and do so.

As a newbie, I’m sure you could get pretty deep with this, but all I needed to do was turn off the bathroom fan after 10 minutes. You probably have endless routines and things you can do but for this post, I hope I helped explain what I needed to do clearly enough for you guys to understand. Thanks.


@Chris_Gawlik (and any newer ST user) - As you gain more experience and interest in managing your smart lighting, you’ll also want to look into IFTTT and (my favorite) WebCore, a tool that is easy to use yet very powerful and allows you to manage your smartthings devices in ways that are just plain cool (and very useful).

@JDRoberts recently wrote a great post you should take a look at about this area in general with info and links to resources.

As you’ve noticed, there are many different things that you can do with SmartThings, but it’s sometimes quite difficult to figure out where to find the options!

In this particular case, There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on creating a virtual timer for a light that you might also find of interest. :sunglasses:


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