How to troubleshoot my lights spontaneously switching on?

I have had a several occurrences when the lights (Philips Hue) in one of my rooms have switched spontaneously ON during the night, when I obviously have not setup any scheduled event for that to happen (at least I think so :smile: )
I can see detailed log record for that event in the IDE page for that particular device that it has switched ON at the specified time during the night, but I cannot find out, where to see the cause of that action? I mean, what action or trigger caused that to happen? Is there a way to trace it back somehow?
Thanks in advance!

In the App, goto the device, then goto the Recently tab. You should see there what caused the device to trigger.

If the recent history doesn’t point you in the right direction, just an FYI I began having all sorts of problems with an Osram Lightify bulb that would turn on whenever it checked for firmware update. Even if it was up to date. I found others around here referencing the same issue. Also if there is a power blip and its a bulb that would likely restore it in the on state.

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I can see all the events in the app that correspond to my actual situation, but I cannot see what caused the SWITCH ON during the night (marked with red):

What make/model of device?

I have Philips HUE bulbs with HUE Switch attached to that room.

Don’t know.

Click on the next tab over “SmartApps” and see what all the device is tied to like Routines and SmartApps. Open each one that shows under that tab and track it down.

Otherwise my suggestion is that you check things like IFTTT or Hue or Nest apps (if any apply) where you might have been playing around and set up some sort of automation that you were testing and forgot all about. :slight_smile:

IFTTT reports each time one of the recipes fires. So that should be easy to determine, if it exists.

I would say power surge. You can actually test this. Turn the Hue bulb off with the app. Now go and turn off the physical switch then turn it back on. You will see the Hue bulb status will change to “Hue bulb switch to on” in the event.

Thanks everyone for bright ideas and trying to guide me in a right direction! :v:t2:
Going through the different ideas, checking my devices logs etc. I finally managed to trace the root of such behaviour and that is … Samsung motion detector, that has fired during the night in that empty room :man_facepalming:t2: Now I remember happening that once before too, so I guess they are not as reliable for managing lights at night. I have adjusted my schedule for this automation, so it doesn’t fire up during the night again :crossed_fingers:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway - although I have found the device that caused this particular problem, I still have not got to the root of my topic - what is the best way how to trace the cause of any action that is fired in ST hub? I can see a lot of info in IDE devices events list when something has happened, but there is no clue to what is a linked device that is causing that action.

Maybe anyone has had a good idea on this?

I find that if the battery is running low on my SmartThings motion sensors they will trigger(even though the battery status is >50%, swapping out a new battery cures it)

If you notice in my screenshot above, I try to label my automations appropriately. I try not to use apps that doesn’t show up in the Recently tab.

However, you should be able to dig down deeper in the IDE under Devices then Events. This should give you more information as to what app triggered what event.

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