Lights coming on for no reason

I just had some weird goings on. My kitchen, dining room, deck and garage lights came on a number of times for no reason. I went to the IDE site and I listed events. The events that were logged were the ones where I turned the light off but nothing stating the reason they came on in the first place. Shouldn’t the on and off events both be listed? Then I just noticed the Nest thermostat was incorrectly set. It is on a schedule and should not change. I am not sure what is going on. This has not happened before. Any suggestions?

First thing to do would be to get in touch with support, as they can see some things from their side that we can’t.

Also, the following FAQ is old, but still a good place to start. just ignore the links given for graph.api, you want to just start from your own smartthings account.


Happened to me this morning as well.

have same issue with 2 outside zigbee gardenspot lights. turns on by itself sometimes. no pistons, no actions. possible because of interference?

There is a possibility that these Zigbee lights received an update firmware. Call the Service Desk number and see if that is the case.


Well, tonight everything is acting as expected. I don’t know if it was just an anomaly or what. This is the type of thing that when people ask me if I have any smart door locks, I say NO. I just don’t trust the system as a whole. I would like to be trusting, but stuff like this makes me a little uncomfortable. I can’t trust my house to a system that flakes out every now ant then.

Are the lights that came on by themselves smart bulbs, by any chance? Smart Bullbs usually turn on after a power outage event. Just an idea…


What kind of lights? Are they directly paired with smartthings, or connected via some 3rd party?

Yes they are Sengled and Sylvania lights. But they came on so many times in a few hour period, I have ruled out any power problems.

Sylvania and Sengled, connected directly to the ST Hub.

Please call the ST phone support and let them look into your lighting issue.

They are good people and will help get to the bottom of it.