How to Trap and Process Location Notifications?

Challenge: Trying to get some sort of event handler triggered when a notification occurs in a location. Just like how we are sending notification from an App, I am trying to see if I can receive a notification triggered by some other smartapp.

Basically I am trying get the list in I am not sure if there is a way to get it done in a smartapp.

Just trying to get some direction here. Any pointers will be appreciated.

What’s the OS for the device that receives the notifications? (iOS, android, windows)

Ubuntu 14. Basically it’s a Python server that is receiving the notification.

If it’s an Event available for subscription, it will be documented in


Otherwise (subscribing to any unofficial Events) it is unsupported functionality and subject to deprecation without notice.

You can then use SmartThings’s cloud-to-cloud http: REST-API calls to send the notifications to your Python server (or “hub actions” to send the calls directly from the hub on the LAN, though just slightly more complicated for some reason…).

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Thanks @tgauchat. I think that helps for me now.

Looking into both Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to LAN. And I agree for some reason they had gone into a whole round of “discovery” steps using SSDP… I am trying to see if that can be “skipped” by using the device type straight. I’ll get working with the device type and will hopefully get done within a few days.

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