How to trace notification source

I’m getting a weird message in my notification which says “more options”. So I decided to try to trace the source.
When go into the IDE and look under my hub the list of notifications I see a bunch of “blank” messages like this:

7a04db00-763d-11e6-aba0-22000b20087b 2016-09-08 11:28:29.360 PM EDT - 60 minutes ago APP
185b26f0-7635-11e6-9afe-22000be3c2b5 2016-09-08 10:28:29.535 PM EDT - 2 hours ago APP
b67490f0-762c-11e6-94d8-22000bb9658e 2016-09-08 9:28:29.311 PM EDT - 3 hours ago APP
54c25160-7624-11e6-9868-22000ab5de8d 2016-09-08 8:28:29.430 PM EDT - 4 hours ago APP

So I click on the source notification ID and I get:

Name	Value
archivable	true
date	2016-09-09T01:28:29.311Z
displayed	false
eventSource	APP
id	b67490f0-762c-11e6-94d8-22000bb9658e
installedSmartAppId	9767e56a-b672-4c13-82e9-89928b122cf1
isStateChange	false
isVirtualHub	false
locationId	f0ea49a6-6c4f-4aec-b71f-6bbe71ea4867
name	message
smartAppId	8a9f1d5d39c58b070139c58b6c8a0027
smartAppVersionId	ded1098c-246b-11e2-af64-22000a9d0d2b
translatable	false
unixTime	1473384509311
viewed	false

Now I’m stuck, how do I find out which SmartApp has the smartAppId or smartAppVersionId mentioned above?

@slagle @vlad any pointers on how to identify which SmartApp is posting this “blank” notification from the above or any other way go about this to trace the source of this notification?

Okay I’m going to try answer this myself, just stumbled upon it.

So in the above Notification details you’ll find a field called installedSmartAppId

Open your IDE -> My Locations -> Click on your Hub -> List SmartApps (at the bottom next to Installed SmartApps)

This page will give you a list of SmartApps that are installed on your hub. Now comes the manual painful part
Click on each SmartApp and it’ll pop up a detail of the SmartApp status, scroll down to the bottom and right at the bottom you’ll find the Installed SmartApp ID in grey letters (no heading)
Compare that ID with the installedSmartAppId you see in the Notifications details page. Match it up.

In my case the Severe Weather Alert SmartApp was the cause of the “blank” notification messages. Now that’s a mystery in itself since this a ST marketplace published app and it shouldn’t be posting blank messages.

However coming back, @slagle, @vlad is there any easier way to get to the source of the SmartApp instead of the lengthy process I outlined above?

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If the SmartApp logs “anything” in Live Logging, then the SmartAppId is a hyperlink which filters on that SmartApp (and the name of the SmartApp shows up in the list of “logging entities” at the top of the Live Logging screen…

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True but that won’t help here. I’m looking at the notifications tab on the mobile app and trying to trace that back to the Smartapp.


How about just using the URL of the installed App (the AppID is the last part of the path)…


You my dear Terry are a genius, brilliant and works like a charm!! I just bookmarked your post.

@slagle a neat idea would be to hyperlink the appID from the IDE Notifications page to that link above to help get to the source of the notifications as @tgauchat pointed out above.

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