Trace a SmartApp by its ID

Does anyone know how to determine what smart app is being used just by looking at its installedSmartAppId? I have a notification I believe is a rouge notification that keeps operating, however I cannot figure out what SmartApp it is associated with.

I found this ID by navigating to the notifications section on the web interface at

Please help.

Two possible ways:

  • Watch Live Logging … it should show the SmartApp instance ID as the SmartApp executes and will also add the name/label of the SmartApp to the top of the screen to filter any output from it.

  • Try logging into graph.api, and then going to this URL:


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Thank you @tgauchat. I was able to use the second bullet option to find the name of the problem smart app. I was able to subsequently delete that app and reprogram it for my use without the blasts of notifications.

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