Is there a [simple] way to trace source of commands, which account or integration

So my lightify, hue, and lifx lights have been doing whatever they want whenever they want and I can’t find which acct or whatever is sending commands if any. Locks and garage door got involved yesterday and today tv’s and Bose speakers joined in fun.

Obviously this is potential security concern and extremely frustrating since I can’t find source, especially being that hacking and pen testing is what I do for a living.

Is there a simple way to track and log where commands are originating? (I’d love to see it in activity feed instead of just the event itself, who told it to do what I mean… hint hint nudge nudge @tslagle13 maybe for firmware beta?). Is it something I could do without a ton of fuss in webCoRE maybe … @ady624? I have logged everything and spent last 16 hours combing through with no luck and hoping something hasn’t been breached somewhere.

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Never worked with it but there is a way to subscribe to commands instead of attributes in a SmartApp. Maybe doing so reveals information about the sender in the event being processed.


It did…“null” haha. So since everything physical has been eliminated it must be metaphysical :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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Every command to any device is logged by SmartThings. Open your IDE, click on My Devices -> Click on List Events and it will tell you the source of each command and you can play around to dive deeper. It’s isn’t perfect but a great place to start. See the screenshot below for an example:

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I tried there, doesn’t show command even being sent, just that event happened ???

Post a screenshot or contact support and they can help you trace it out.