How to tel to smartthings my Thomson TV is on

Hey, I’m looking for a way to tel SmartThings that my Thomson TV is on but I can’t find a easy way to do so. My two ideas are either to instal some app in to the tv or something like a USB stick that would be able to tell if the tv is on .

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Hello and welcome to the community.

We would need a little more information to help you.

Do you have a SmartThings hub and if so what model number?
What is the model number of the TV?

No I don’t have a hub and the model of my tv is
Thomson 65UE6400

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I think you would have to have a hub to make this work. Another member may have a different idea on how to do this but I dont think it would work. Do you have this TV added to any other platforms like Alexa? Maybe then you could add a virtual device in Smartthings and then sync it with a virtual device.

One approach is to use a smart plug with power measurement features. You can then observe the power the TV draws when the tv is on vs in standby mode and use that to notify you of the status.


From what I read, this TV supports Wi-Fi so I don’t think a hub is going to help here. I think your suggestion of using a virtual device would work assuming the TV can be integrated with an ecosystem that provides interaction with ST.

As @homeagain suggested, you may not need a Smartthings Hub, and you may not need to integrate directly with the televisions platform. You just need a Wi-Fi plug with frequent energy reporting that has cloud to cloud integration with smartthings so it can report on the higher energy draw when the television is on. Tapo or TPLink Kasa would be good candidates, I’m just not sure which specific models report actionable energy use through the cloud to cloud integration. Hopefully someone else will comment.

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Thanks for the ideas @homeagain and @JDRoberts I did not think about the outlets. I will probably go with the Tapo one since I already own few of their products.

If your TV integrates with Google you may be able to use Google Home routines to flip a SmartThings virtual switch. I do this with a Vizio TV.

No hardware is needed.


It will not work with the Tapo smart plugs as they don’t report energy to SmartThings through the cloud integration. You can use the Shelly plug, and it’s only 20 bucks, which would solve your issues.