How to set up CentraLite 4257050-ZHAC dimable outlet?

I have 3 How to set up CentraLite 4257050-ZHAC dimable outlet? This dimmable outlet pairs OK, but they pair as 4257050-RZHAC non-dimmable appliance outlets. They will not turn OFF, only to near 0%.

They look just alike, but need to be able to control them properly.

I have the V3 hub.

Thank you for you time!

Super easy! For some reason ST didn’t identify the outlet correctly, but you can easily fix that. Log on to the IDE, and then go to your devices, and edit the device and change “Type” to “SmartPower Dimming Outlet”.

Thanks! Will do.

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I found a couple of these at Goodwill for $4 each. I read a bunch of posts and was prepared for a battle to get them connected to SmartThings but it turns out it was really pretty simple.

Here are the steps - I typed them up for myself in case I find more of these and forget the details. Two points are crucial:

  1. To set the module up for pairing, press its button while plugging it in. IMMEDIATELY release the button when the LED illuminates. It will flash at this point.

  2. Put the module adjacent to the SmartThings hub for pairing. Even a few feet away was too far.

Here are the steps:

Adding CentraLite 4256050-ZHAC Dimmer Outlet Module to SmartThings

  1. Reset the module by holding the button down and plug it into an out. Release the button immediately after the green LED illuminates.

  2. Place the module adjacent to the Smartthings hub - 4 feet away is too far.

  3. Add the module in the SmartThings app. It will show up as a SmartPower Outlet. At this point, you have on/off control and power monitoring.

  4. In the SmartThings IDE, click on this device (SmartPower Outlet) to bring up its parameter screen. Click edit at the bottom of the page.

  5. Change the device type from “SmartPower Outlet” to “Zigbee Dimmer Power” and click save. At this point you’ll have on/off control, dimming and power monitoring.