Automated SHM arming in new SmartThings App

I have been using the new app for a couple of weeks now, and one of the things I just realized last night is that there is no way to “arm” SHM through a manual activation of a scene or automation. In the Classic app, when I pushed “good night” it would also arm the system, but I can’t manually execute automations, and I cannot “arm” SHM through a scene.

Am I doing something wrong? I don’t like having to manually execute the “good night” scene, and then have to manually arm SHM as well.

Not as such.

Scenes can’t include actions for the security mode so to replace a Routine will always need more than a single Automation and a single Scene.

So, for example, you can manually arm STHM by having a scene set a virtual switch and that switch triggering an automation that arms STHM. There are various approaches but they always need at least one extra component to glue things together.

Here’s my option.

I created three Automations for Armed Away, Armed Stay, and Disarmed, then these three Automations are defaults to setup what happens when the SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) mode is triggered due to some other Automation, like a virtual switch in my case is on/off, or if I manually trigger the Security Mode change via the app by tapping on one of the three STHM settings.

Here’s an old post that shows my original configuration which I’ve tweeted just a bit since I posted it, but it shows these three STHM Automations.

Super Stupid Question - how do I create virtual switches in the new app?

Read the comment after this post since it confirms you have to install the Virtual Device Creator SmartApp using the old SmartThings Classic app first, then you can use it in the new SmartThings Connect app.

SmartThings team needs to address this