How to sell a condo which includes devices, ST hub and related automation?

I’m selling a condo where, during the last 4 years, I have installed several z-wave devices controlling lights, heating, smoke/CO2 and flood alarms, all managed by a ST hub (v1) and several ST applications and device handlers that I wrote or customized.
The buyer would like to preserve the whole automation aspect of the condo as-is; which brings to the question in subject: how do you handle transferring a hub and related apps and device handlers from one ST account to another? Is there a way to make that happen, without going through painful un-pairing/re-pairing of devices, new hub purchases, copy&paste of apps/device handlers code and such?
I have another hub in a different residence, which makes the “simplest” solution (moving my whole account to the new condo owner) not feasible…

You can’t. @anon36505037’s suggestion is a good one.

Thanks Robin; do you know if support will be able to “selectively” transfer hubs from my account to the new one? As I mentioned, I currently have two hubs under my account, and only one of them should be transferred to the new condo owner…

@minollo Oh, that could make it more difficult, separating out the hubs. Just tell the new owner to get a Wink 2 instead :smiley:

To close the loop here: I chatted with support, and, as feared, having two hubs/locations on the same account makes the transfer of a single hub/location to a different account impossible… other than starting from scratch.

So, considering I had to start from scratch anyway, and considering that I didn’t want to assume that the new owner would be willing to pay for a broadband Internet connection (and, yes, to have a bit of fun myself!), I ended up buying a Veraplus and migrate the existing automation there. Describing such migration, and my personal comparison between Veraplus and Smartthings would take a whole blog entry somewhere; but, comparison aside, the migration was mostly complete after a couple of evenings work, and I must say I do like a lot the snappiness of the system which doesn’t need to do Internet roundtrips for all operations. That said, the experience also taught me that I’m not going to move my main residence to Veraplus anytime soon…