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I setup my first ST hub (v1) many years ago when I was making a walk in closet to automate the lighting. This was before I knew enough about the z-wave device requirements to plan out the installation for future upgrades. Essentially, I have GE Z-Wave electrical sockets installed behind the closet units (IKEA Pax) and I plugged in the corresponding lighting for each side of the room. In other words, the GE Z-Wave sockets are not accessible to physically reset/pair without a lot of work and lifting. Is there any possible way to move these devices to either Hubitat or the the new ST alternative so I do not need to touch the actual devices?

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Unfortunately no. Moving to Hubitat would require you to exclude the devices before moving, which would be the same for a new ST hub (or any other hub for that matter). There no migration tool for v1 hubs that I know of, but it would be nice if ST did actually help customers like you with a migration tool.

More info and discussions going on over here:

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Any way you go about it you’ll need to physically access the device - z-wave was designed this way as a security measure.

I have a similar setup at my home (Pax units in front of outlet) - but actually bolted the pax units flush to the wall, cut out the back around where the outlet is and put a faceplate over the outlet in the back of the closet. Provides access to the outlet and conceals wiring for the in-closet lights nicely. If interested in this setup, shoot me a PM and I can help with a way to easily (and safely) do this.