How to revoke Logitech Harmony token?

I had an old Harmony hub that was configured with ST in the past.
Now I can’t add Harmony hubs, they just won’t show.

That’s what the log shows:
trace Harmony - Device 9465750 is no longer available
trace [9465750:[message:HBus timeout, status:504, name:OldHubName]]
trace Harmony - Discovery Command Sent
trace Harmony - Discovering devices…
debug Harmony - valid Token

The Smarthings app is stil installed, and I can’t remove it. While trying to remove it (both in the app and in the IDE) I get “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.”

I suspect re-logging in to Harmony will clear the old server entry. Any ideas how to do that? Or how to make it work other way?

I wish I could delete my own posts :slight_smile:
Found an “orphan” device not conected to any hub. Removing it allowed to remove the app, and then re-adding worked. Sorry for the noise.

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