How to retrieve zigbee application version in edge driver?

As far as I know, some of the solar panel or battery powered devices don’t report their shade status or position status correctly.

  • shade status(5 states) : open, partially open, closed, opening, closing
  • position status : 0(fully closed)~100(fully open)

These values should be displayed correctly while moving via both, APP and Remote Control.

I made this work with those exact shade motors.

I had to go on iquix GitHub, download his code. Then I added my finger print to that file, then uploaded it to my own hub via the CLI.

A little research on how to use the CLI and it works great.

You do get shade status. Just not battery level.

If iquix adds the finger print, his driver will work.

@iquix I’ve been using your test driver the status and position are working fine with it.

I was asking if it was possible to add battery and light sensor information in addition to those that already work.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the driver.

@Weboperations, thanks for the tip.

I didn’t need to download the driver from github. I added it from the web like others for testing and it worked great.

But I will try to download it and find a way to add the battery level and light sensor.

Maybe I have some luck.

I have a battery powered tuya zigbee motor in my home, but battery power is not displayed even in the tuya smartlife app.
There’s physically no way make the battery displayed, when the device is originally not designed to send battery packets.

I’ve added _TZE200_zah67ekd to the driver, as well as generic zigbeeThing.
You don’t need Tuya Window Shade for Devices NOT TESTED driver anymore, and this will be removed from my channel.
You can apply Tuya Window Shade driver to any zigbee devices.

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Thanks changing to Tuya Window Shade

Can you please explain how to replace ? I have this module as well. @iquix , did you add this curtain motor fingerprint to your driver ?

Ensure you have the generic zigbee “thing” driver installed from the smartthings edge beta channel Smartthings Edge Beta. Pair the motor and it should default to “thing” edge driver. If you have a custom groovy DTH that matches the motor, you might need to delete the DTH to ensure that it defaults to the “thing” edge driver.

From there change the driver to “Tuya Window Shade”. This driver can be applied to any zigbee device and needs no matching fingerprint.

Works thanks !!